How Does Dupuytren’s Contracture Affect Your Day?

Dupuytren’s contracture disease is a condition that affects the tissue underneath your palm. It first forms nodules that are tender, but these nodules quickly become thick and tight, losing their tenderness. 


A scar is formed, the tightness of the scar tissue pulling some of the fingers towards the palm. This process occurs over many years, starting with light symptoms and eventually pulling the fingers back. When the fingers are pulled back, it is known as a contracture, and this can impact the entire hand.

How it can affect your daily life

We use our hands for everything, especially in this age of cellphone addiction. Unfortunately, Dupuytren’s contracture is a permanent condition that primarily affects the fingers furthest away from your thumb, your ring, and pinky fingers.


If your pinky gets affected, you may lose your ability to grip tightly, making the simplest of things difficult for you, like writing, texting, lifting, and holding objects. This disease can therefore also take a mental toll as you become frustrated by the constant annoyance of not being able to properly complete tasks.

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