What is Dupuytren’s Contracture?

Dupuytren’s Contracture is a connective tissue disease where nodules form on the tendons pulling one or more of the fingers into a bent position. Dupuytren’s can be uncomfortable, painful and over time it can be disabling.

What is the Dupuytren’s Wand?

The Dupuytren’s Wand is an ultrasound and far infrared machine designed for home use. It has proven to be a quick and inexpensive solution for Dupuytren’s Contraction, which can easily be used from home. It is effective in restoring movement of your hand and delays the need for surgery. It is especially effective in the earlier stages of Dupuytren’s Disease. Using the Dupuytren’s Wand and following up with wearing of Depuytren’s Tape can provide a comfortable and consistent stretch to the finger and helps gently restore your range of motion. It’s easy, cost effective and quickly allows for increased use your hand.

It’s a simple solution that can often reduce tightness, tenderness and even delay the need for surgery.

Even better, the results are fast and it costs less than the average doctors visit.


What is Dupuytren’s Jelly?

Dupuytren’s Jelly is a self heating, conductive medium that creates a bond between the skin and the Dupuytren’s Wand transducer. The ultrasound sound waves have a hard time traveling through air, so the jelly prevents any extra air space between the probe and your skin.

Dupuytren’s Jelly can be substituted with a standard ultrasound jelly or KY Jelly.

What is Dupuytren’s tape used for?

Dupuytren’s Tape is typically used following a session with the Dupuytren’s Wand but to can also be used independently. Dupuytren’s Tape encourages the finger to straighten to have a greater range of motion while simultaneously allowing the hand to be closed into a fist.

How is Dupuytren’s Tape used?


What is Ledderhose Disease and does Dupuytren’s Wand work to relieve the symptoms of Ledderhose Disease?

Ledderhose Disease is directly related to Dupuytren’s Contracture but affects the feet instead of the hands. Hard lumps form on the bottom of the feet which can cause pain when walking. The Dupuytren’s Wand can be helpful in reducing discomfort related to Ledderhose Disease

Are there any warnings or cautions to consider before buying the Dupuytren’s Wand?

  • DO NOT USE IF Pregnant
  • Using a pacemaker
  • Su­ffering from body temperature over 38C
  • Suff­ering from any type of infectious or acute disease
  • Suffering from poor heart health or have a pacemaker
  • Suffering from extreme hypertension or cerebral infarction
  • Suffering from contagious dermatitis or ectopic dermatitis
  • Suffering from angioma, herpes zoster, folliculitis acne, furunculus, carbuncle
  • Suffering from bleeding illnesses or injuries
  • Suff­ering from general lupus erythematous, general sclerosis, and addison’s disease
  • Do not use on open wounds or irritated skin If during menstrual cycle, do not use over abdomen area Implanted with intrauterine contraceptive devices.

How long does it take to see benefits from the Dupuytren’s Wand?

Many patients experience relief of pain within the first twenty minutes of using the Dupuytren’s Wand. There should be a noticeable increase of flexibility and range of motion immediately following a 15 minute session of the Wand and the applying of the Dupuytren’s Tape.

Should I talk to a doctor about my Dupuytren’s Contracture?

Yes, it is always recommended that you first speak with your physician for a formal diagnosis and prior to beginning a new treatment.