Viking hand syndrome is an ancient disease which is believed to have been originated with the Vikings in Northern Europe. The fingers of a person suffering from Viking hand disease tends to deform due to contraction of the palmar fascia.

Also known as Dupuytren’s contracture, the Viking hand disease gets its other name from a popular 19th century French surgeon. Viking hand disease is more common with people belonging to the Northern European region. It is a condition which is more likely to affect men in comparison to women and can be transferred from one generation to other.

Viking hand disease tends to become more severe with age and can cause hindrance in your day to day chores, like; typing, shaking hands, putting your hands in the pocket, eating, etc. When this syndrome reaches its ultimate limit, you will no longer be able to straighten your fingers. Sometimes, this condition also results in itching and aching apart from the bent fingers.

Viking hand disease or Dupuytren’s contracture can permanently impair the functioning of the affected fingers, ultimately disabling your ability to grip and hold objects. There are a number of treatments like, surgery, radiation therapy, injections, and needle aponeurotomy that are available today to offer relief from the discomfort triggered by this syndrome. But, there is still no proven treatment to permanently cure the Viking hand condition in patients.

A Dupuytren’s Tape on the other hand offers you one convenient way to get your hand back in motion without any discomfort or pain.

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