What are the risks for Dupuytren’s Contracture?

People who are at higher risk:


Studies show that men are more likely to contract Dupuytren’s contracture than women. Also, most people that contract the disease are from a North European descent.


Further research shows that the people who become affected by Dupuytren’s disease are usually aged 40 and above. The condition typically worsens with increasing age.


Diabetes is another major risk factor for getting the disease as studies prove that the longer you have diabetes, the more likely you are to contract it. It is a possibility that due to diabetes, patients having less blood supply may have a much higher chance of contracting Dupuytrens contracture.


Another possible risk is those people who smoke and drink because it decreases the blood supply. 


Symptoms of Dupuytren’s contracture:


Nodules become present on the hand. It may start off small, with a small lump that gives off a tender feeling. 


The formation of a chord then takes place after the tenderness finishes. The palm has skin underneath, which is turned into knots. The palm begins to feel tighter and the chord slowly begins to pull the fingers. It restricts the movement of the fingers.


Contractures begin to start as the tightness increases. Then, the fingers will be pulled by the tightness of the chord that forms. Usually, the ring and pinky fingers are affected by this disease. Eventually, your finger will become permanently affected, and you cannot straighten it properly.


Furthermore, a major symptom is finding difficulty in the ability to work and pick objects up, especially when tightness is experienced in the palm area.

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