Dupuytren’s contracture is a condition of the fingers in which the tissues under the skin of the palm start to tighten abnormally. As a result, the fingers start to bend and curl forward, leading to hand deformities of different severities. Dupuytren’s Tape can aid in the comfort and support needed during the early stages of Dupuytren’s contracture.

Check out some of the most common early signs of Dupuytren’s contracture that are usually found in people who have started to develop the disease –

    • Formation of Nodules –

One of the first signs of Dupuytren’s contracture in patients is the formation of nodules or lumps under the palm skin. These lumps could be one or more in number. In the initial stage these lumps tend to feel sore, but with time, the pain or irritation caused by them is released. Eventually, it is these lumps or nodules that create inflexible tissue bands and cause your fingers to curl.

    • Inflexible Hand Movement –

If you are suddenly finding it difficult or impossible to lay your hand flat on a surface or having a difficult time carrying weight or putting your hands in your pockets; then it is quite likely to be a sign of Dupuytren’s syndrome.

    • Reduced Grasp –

If you’ve started to notice some change in your ability to grasp things and objects from your hand, then this could also be the start of Dupuytren’s syndrome. It is quite common for people with Dupuytren’s disease to have a hard time picking things that they were used to earlier before the symptoms started to appear.

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