The benefit of Self-Heating Jelly – Dupuytren’s Jelly

Dupuytren’s Contraction is a common finger deformity found among adults due to excessive usage of the hand or genetic inheritance. This condition mainly affects the fascia, which tightens and thickens over time, resulting in the fingers being pulled inwards towards the palm.


Dupuytren’s Home Treatment Method – Dupuytren’s Jelly

Performing simple activities with Dupuytren’s Contracture becomes difficult, which is why imminent treatment is often recommended. However, before rushing into hefty treatment methods like steroid injections or surgery, other alternatives and home treatments should be considered. 


Benefits of Dupuytren’s Jelly:

Dupuytren’s Jelly is known as a self-heating jelly. Dupuytren’s Wand and Dupuytren’s Jelly work hand in hand to make the perfect combination of treatment methods for the disease. Dupuytren’s jelly is a self-heating jelly that not only eases the discomfort that comes with Dupuytren’s Contracture but also contributes to an inexpensive and feasible alternative to Dupuytren’s surgery. 


The Dupuytren’s Jelly essentially prepares the hand for the wand, which uses ultrasound and infrared radiation that maximizes the blood flow to the area and starts tackling the swelling. The jelly provides a smooth and warm surface on which the wand is then run over. 


Once the jelly is applied to the suffering fingers, the Dupuytren’s Wand is used to release basic ultrasound and far-infrared to treat the area. The Dupuytren’s Wand increases localized blood flow to the knots formed under the skin, decreases the swelling of the edema caused by them, and gently massages the area. The frequency of the ultrasound and the heat of the infrared radiation help to slowly break down the buildup of scar tissue under the skin and loosen the stiff cords and nodules formed.   The combination of the Wand, Jelly, and Tape also helps increase flexibility and range of motion fast! 


Results are seen as readily as the first time. Over time, after increased usage of the wand and the jelly, the Contracture further keeps softening until it is no longer a hindrance.

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