Is Dupuytren’s Disease a Problem with the Tendon?

It may be hard to believe, but Dupuytren’s Disease has nothing to do with the tendons. Dupuytren’s Disease affects the tissue in the hand; it is caused by a tightening and thickening of the tissue. Dupuytren’s Disease most often affects the ring finger and fifth finger. When you have Dupuytren’s, you will often develop a hard lump on your hand and find your fingers will start to bend in towards your palm. It is entirely dependent on the individual as to how painful the condition can be. In some instances, the pain is similar to the pain experienced by those with arthritis; on the other hand, some patients have no pain. The reason for this difference is unknown despite numerous tests. Dupuytren’s Disease is hereditary, so it is common in family members. One way to combat this condition if it runs in your family is to avoid alcohol and smoking, which seems to trigger it.


It is common for sufferers of Dupuytren’s Disease to be given steroid shots to help reduce the size of the nodules on the hands. The steroid shots are administered in the early stages of the condition. Another recommendation in the early stages of Dupuytren’s Disease is to help slow its development through massages to the hand, along with stretches and application of heat.


There are numerous treatments for Dupuytren’s Disease; these include enzyme injections, breakage of the skin with a needle, or even surgery. Unfortunately, if the procedure is not completely successful, then the symptoms may return. If you are looking for treatments known to produce results and save you from surgery, look no further than Dupuytren-Cure

The Dupuytren’s wand, jelly, and tape are known to help ease the symptoms of the condition, and it is recommended to use them as early as possible. 

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