How to Use Dupuytren’s Wand and Tape

Home treatment methods for Dupuytren’s Contracture are typically everyone’s favorites due to the feasibility associated with them, and it is no different when it comes to the Dupuytren’s Wand and Tape.


Working of Dupuytren’s Wand and Tape:

Because the treatment is meant to be cheaper and safer for the average person, the instructions for use are also simple and easy to understand for anyone!


How can we use it?

The best part about using this system is that both the wand and the tape go hand in hand to make the perfect combination of treatment. Not only is this option easy to understand, but it is also a much quicker option as well, with no recovery time needed or need to deal with an open wound!

Because both the wand and tape work hand in hand, the wand reduces tightness and tenderness in hand. Using the wand over the knotted part of the tissues reduces swelling and makes it easier to stretch, preparing the hand for the tape.


The second part of the treatment involves the tape, which is just as easy to use:

  • A strip of about 6 inches long is cut from the tape.
  • The wax paper backing is torn off, and about ½ and inch is removed from the end.
  • The end of the tape is attached to the tip of the finger. 
  • The backing is peeled off, leaving about 2 inches at the end.
  • The tape is stretched over the finger and over the back of the hand in a straight line across the knuckles.
  • The tape is then secured on top of the finger on the back on the hand. And this is simply it! Both the tape and the wand comfortably let you open and close your fingers in no time.
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