How Did I Get Dupuytren’s Disease?

The sad news is that there is no explanation as to what causes Dupuytren’s Disease. However, it is known to be passed down from generation to generation; as a matter of fact, Dupuytren’s is the most common inherited connective tissue condition. Dupuytren’s Disease originated in Northern Europe and was then spread throughout the continent by the Vikings. The Vikings were so commonly found to suffer from the condition that it was even given the name Vikings Disease. The majority of cases found in the world are from those with European descent. The condition affects the layer of tissue beneath the skin of the fingers and palm. The layer of skin tightens, causing the fingers to turn inwards towards the palm. 


It is also important to know that although Dupuytren’s Disease is hereditary, specific actions will make the chances of developing the condition more likely. The use of tobacco or drinking alcohol is known to increase the risk of triggering the condition. The disease commonly affects people of 40 years and older. It has also been found that Dupuytren’s disease is more likely to be contracted by men than women. People living with diabetes are also more likely to be diagnosed with the condition.


Even though there is no scientific explanation as to what causes Dupuytren’s Disease, there are some products available to help sufferers ease the pain and discomfort. Why not try Dupuytren’s jelly from


Dupuytren-cure,  which is known to aid in the relief of painful symptoms. Dupuytren’s jelly works best when used in conjunction with the Dupuytren’s wand. These non-surgical treatments are ideal for those who are looking for quick relief and treatment of the disease. Doctors recommend that the treatment for Dupuytren’s disease begins as early as possible for the best results.

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