How common is Dupuytren’s disease?

When you hear a discussion on a disease like Dupuytrens contracture, it usually leads to some sort of confusion because it is not a well-known condition. It isn’t a fatal disease; however, it can be annoying and affect your life and it should be treated.

People should have basic information, in any event, because Dupuytrens is a disease that needs to be discussed.

The usual people who are affected
  • It has said to affect men on a larger scaler rather than women. 
  • Research shows that Dupuytrens contracture usually affects Caucasian people.
  • People aged 40 and above are more likely to experience Dupuytrens contracture.
  • It is a genetic condition, so there is a possibility that you may suffer from the disease if it runs in your family.
  • Research shows that people who drink and smoke are more likely to suffer from the condition. 
  • People with a north European descent may experience the disease. It is also the reason why the name Vikings disease is another name for Dupuytrens contracture.
  • Diabetes patients are also much more likely to suffer from the condition especially if it is coupled with any of the other risk factors listed above.
Is it common?

Even though not many know about Dupuytrens disease, it is more common than we think. In fact, it falls under one of the most under-reported diseases. 

In the US, it has been reported that 1% of Americans have Dupuytrens disease according to statistics; however, the actual figure is estimated at about 7%. Therefore we can conclude that it is somewhat common, however, it is just underdiagnosed as the information on Dupuytrens disease is limited. With the north European descent factor, the age factor, the diabetes factor, and the smoking or drinking factor, about 15 million Americans have Dupuytren’s disease. It is estimated that 163 million are at risk, which makes it much more common.

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