Dupuytren’s Wand and Dupuytren’sTape

Dupuytren’s Wand and Dupuytren’sTape
Our hands are the most used and functional parts of the body; compromising the use of our hands is a horrible thought for most of us. For people with Dupuytren’s Disease, it is a reality.


Dupuytren’s Wand and Tape – How the Product Works:

Viable Home-treatment Option:
To make life easier for people with Dupuytren’s Contracture, both the Dupuytren’s Wand and Dupuytren’s Tape work together to make the most efficient of teams! No other two products work as well together as these two. The treatment provided by them is safe, affordable, and so easy it can be done at home, reducing costs for all those doctor visits as well as any other treatment methods.


A complete 2-in-1 Formula:
The Dupuytren’s Wand and Tape work together to increase localized blood flow, reduce swelling of the edema, and gently massage fibrous tissue so they can soften the nodules, cords, and the scar tissue. The hand is then prepared for the tape, which can be worn all day and all night, providing a consistent and gentle stretch of the hand, allowing it to have increased motion and stretching.


Why is it so Effective?
Specific Design to deal with the Disease:

This system of using the Dupuytren’s Wand and Tape was designed specifically to reduce tightness in the tissues, decrease swelling, and increase blood flow in the area. All three of these play an essential part in restoring flexibility and movement to the fingers.

The tape has been designed to provide more support to finger ligaments and joints using extra-strong and stretchable synthetic microfibers. This not only enhances the range of motion of the finger joints, but it also assists proprioception, with muscles, joints, and movements of fluids within the body working together as one whole system. The tape remains in tension for long periods of time, ensuring the finger muscles receive consistent stretching and provide relief from the disease.

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